Sneak Peek: 2013 Desk Calendar

Last year, I created a desk calendar and a monthly calendar - mostly for my own enjoyment - but I did sell a few on Etsy, which was super fun! This year, I decided to do it again. I've loved having one on my desk and am looking forward to having a new one next year. Also, I found them to be easy gifts to give out at Christmas.

Here's October's design from the 2012 calendar sitting on my desk:

Please excuse the crappy iPhone photo - I wasn't about to bring my good camera to work!
I had them printed through Zazzle, which worked well, despite being a tad expensive. The quality is good and they print them out on shiny cardstock in a postcard size. I would like to find a source to print them inexpensively on matte cardstock, too. Anyone know of a place? (Not FedEx Office though - the quality isn't great for this kind of printing.)

This year, I'll probably sell the same designs again (with some tweaks and 2013 dates), but I've started a new design, and I thought I would give you a little preview today. Warning, I tend to change my mind while designing, so don't hold me to this!

Here's January's design for 2013:

A little fun. A little festive. Simple, but pretty.

Last year, I sold them in my Etsy shop - CSW Designs - as a digital download that you could print yourself. I'll likely do that again. The shop is currently closed, but I'll be opening it up again soon with the new design as well as the old one (with 2013 dates). I'll let you know when that happens!

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