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Edgartown Harbor, Martha's Vineyard

Hello friends!

Apologies for the radio silence for the past week or so...Charlie and I snuck away on vacation for nearly 10 days to Martha's Vineyard! We were (purposefully) off the grid for as much time as possible and it was so nice. I need to unplug more often. We spent about half of our time cooking in the kitchen of our favorite summer camp for about 100 middle schoolers, staff and volunteers, and the other half relaxing, exploring and adventuring. Here are a few iPhone and Instagram shots from our week!

The Dining Hall at the camp where we cooked for 100 people!

Edgartown Harbor 

Edgartown Lighthouse and Harbor

C and I being slightly ridiculous in the kitchen. That's one big bag of potatoes.

Beach time at Great Rock Bight

Great Rock Bight

View from the Memorial Wharf in Edgartown

We had a blast - can you tell? ;)

I hope to be back a little later this week with more regular posts!

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