September 2015 iPhone + Desktop Wallpapers

Happy Monday and happy last day of August, y'all! This month has been ca-razy busy with vacation, e-design biz stuff and other life happenings, so I am looking forward to turning the page on the calendar to a new month with a fresh start.

To kick things off for the month of September, I've got a new set of iPhone and desktop wallpapers to share with you. These are free downloads (as always) - you can grab the version you'd like below.

This month, my inspiration came from this beautiful ironwork detail I spotted on a balcony not far from where we live in Philadelphia. They just don't make buildings with this kind of detail anymore, do they?! 

I snapped the photo above with my iPhone so I wouldn't forget what it looked like. I just had this feeling I'd want to design something with it in mind and it looks like that feeling was right! I'm a big believer that inspiration for creativity can truly come from anywhere.

From that ironwork came this month's "bubbly circles" design. I had fun playing around with the color palettes and decided on the two different muted colorways you can see below. There are versions with September calendars (my favorite for quick reference on my phone's lock screen) and blank ones depending on your preference. Click the link below each image to download it from Dropbox.


Moss Green iPhone Wallpaper

Rose Pink iPhone Wallpaper

Moss Green Desktop Wallpaper - Calendar

Moss Green Desktop Wallpaper - Blank

Rose Pink Desktop Wallpaper - Calendar

Rose Pink Desktop Wallpaper - Blank

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