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Hello friends! I hope your Fridays are off to a good start. This week has been ca-razy, but with all good things. I did the final part of an install for a client project this week (read more about my e-design services here - they're getting ready to change a bit, so stay tuned!) and we've been busy on a few other side projects as well.

Before we all jet out for the weekend, I've got some Lovely Links to share with my favorite finds. Enjoy!

1 | On a budget, but still want to decorate your home? Check out this great list of sources from Jenna Sue Design.

{Jenna Sue Design}

2 | I shared this great post on fighting for rest from The Nester on my Facebook page, but it's so good, I wanted to put it here too. If you're feeling like a crazy busy person like I am these days, you'll really appreciate this!

{Nesting Place}

3 | Mandi (of Vintage Revivals) posted a 72 hour living room makeover and WOW, it's impressive what she could do with that short amount of time and only "off the rack" items! (Oh, and it's a rental apartment too, so it just goes to show you can make any space beautiful, even if you have to contend with things like many, many vertical blinds.)

{Vintage Revivals}

4 | Ever heard of ice painting? Yeah, me neither. Well it looks like this (below) and you can find out how to do it over here. Pretty cool stuff.

{Aunt Peaches}

5 | I can't believe this is a DIY'd faux marble surface. So impressed!

{Little Green Notebook}

6 | I came across this photo of a dining room on Pinterest this week and fell in love with the mix of traditional and modern elements. It's done SO well here, and I'm keeping this in mind for future dining room decor (when we actually have one someday, ha!).

{Laura Seppanen via SF Girl By Bay}

Happy weekends, everyone!

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