Favorites From the New IKEA Catalog

The 2016 IKEA catalog is here, and every year I look forward to sitting down and seeing what those clever designers have come up with...there are always a few things that I love! If the catalog didn't magically appear on your doorstep like it did mine this week, you can check it out in all its glory over here. Since it's HUGE, I thought I'd curate a list of my favorite pieces here, mostly for my own sake, but hopefully you'll spot a few things you like too!

1 | MOCKELBY table. The mix between clean lines and rustic wood make this dining table a great fit for many homes' styles. Farmhouse? Yep. Cottage? Yep. Transitional modern? Yep.

2 | The SINNERLIG collection. I'm really excited to see this collection in person when it comes out in the fall. It includes over 30 pieces and incorporates metals, cork, wood and ceramics into clean, modern design. The preview for it is here.

3 | RIMFORSA tablet stand. Sometimes it's the little things. I'd love to grab one of these guys for our iPad. It would make seeing a recipe while we're cooking so much easier!

4 | NOCKEBY sofa. The relaxed, but tailored style of this sofa/sectional makes it ideal for a den or tv watching space. I'd even think about changing out the legs for a custom look like in this hack.

5 | SODERSVIK lighting. These light fixtures feel like a bit of a throwback, but in the right space I think they could be awesome (read: if they were in the wrong space, they could definitely feel dated). They're great for a bathroom like in the photo below.

6 | JOXTORP pendant shade. At nearly three feet wide, this pendant shade is huge. The geometric shape is awesome, as is the price - $6.99! It is made of paper, so I'd have to check it out in person to see if it looks as great as the pictures, but I love the look.


7 | KOMPLEMENT glass drawer fronts. I've been a big fan of the PAX wardrobe series for awhile now and this glass drawer option is new to me. I really like being able to see what's inside my drawers and I'd definitely include a few of these if I was going to purchase one of those wardrobes.

8 | YDDINGEN high cabinet. Bathroom storage has always been a challenge for us in our small(er) homes. This tall, narrow cabinet is a perfect small-space solution if you have a bit of floor space - going vertical is always a great way to maximize storage!

Those are my favorites from the new IKEA 2016 catalog. What did you find that you love?

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