Gold and White Banner Ornament

Nine ladies dancing...oh wait, that's the wrong 12 Days of Christmas. It's the ninth day of the 12 Days of Handmade Christmas Ornaments. Silly me. The finish line is in sight, y'all! Today's ornament is shimmery, shiny gold and white! I clearly have a thing for gold, white and clear ornaments. If you want to see the whole lineup, including plenty of gold and white, head back to Day 1.

Today's ornament is a simple banner and I left it blank so we could play a little game together. I couldn't decide what to write in it, so I thought y'all might be able to help me out. What's your favorite Christmas greeting/saying/word/phrase? That blank space is just begging to be filled! Let me know in the comments! :)

Here's how to make one if you'd like a banner of your own:

Take a piece of felt and draw out a cute little banner like the one below. I freehanded it by drawing two parallel wavy lines, then connecting them with the "Vs" on either side.

Then I cut it out, making sure to cut inside the red pen so there wouldn't be any residual ink on the white felt. And yes, I realize that the image below still has a bit on the edges...don't worry, I fixed that - just didn't take a photo.

Cut a slightly larger, matching banner out of gold glitter scrapbook paper. Use the white felt as a template and just make the glitter piece a bit larger. Glue them together using fabric glue.

Add a piece of embroidery thread to the back for hanging. I hot glued mine on to it.

And hang! I love how this little guy turned out. Simple and modern. Now tell me, what should it say?

Now check out the creativity these other ladies brought to day 9. They continue to wow me with their ornaments!

christmas-ornament-crafts Day 9 1000 x 1000

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