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Weekend time! What are y'all up to for the next couple of days? I'll be working away at our guest room in the basement since we're having our first guests (besides my parents and C's dad when we first moved in) next weekend for Labor Day. Woohoo!

Now onto the lovely links round up for this week. Enjoy!

*As usual, if you like something you see here, please pin from the original source! The link is always right below the photo. Give these sites some love! :)

1 | Have you heard about atly? It's a website that has a whole host of online, self-paced, affordable classes on everything from hand lettering to Illustrator courses to making French macarons. I started my first class this week and am loving it so far! There are about 10 I want to take right now, but I'm trying to hold back :).


2 | This is a really simple, helpful tutorial on how to edit iPhone photos for Instagram from jones design company.

3 | I really enjoyed this DC home tour on the Everygirl this week (hometown pride, y'all!).

4 | More DIY mirror love this week! This time it's an Anthropologie-inspired one from Bigger Than the Three of Us (one of my Blogland Tour bloggers!)

5 | How cute is this little printable? Coffee is definitely first on my list in the morning :).

6 | I love this Ikea bar cart hack, but can we also talk about that awesome art that's above it?

7 | I hate it when my headphones get tangled. Here's a solution. #itsthelittlethings

8 | This CB2 knockoff coffee table/bench is better than the original in my opinion!

Happy weekend to y'all!

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  1. Ok, where have I been. Atly is pretty cool. Thanks for sharing that. Have you heard of Creative Live? If not, definitely check it out. They have free video streaming for all of their online courses. The photography ones are really good. Thanks for including my mirror in your round-up.

  2. I love the links you shared! Thank you for sharing! Gonna try the DIY and printables!
    instagram online


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