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OH what a week it has been! We've been in our new home in Philadelphia for a week now and we're definitely still in the unpacking phase. I'm hoping to get a TON done this weekend so I'll have some updates to share with y'all next week. (I know I said I'd have something this week, but I guess that was a little ambitious!) So far we're loving our neighborhood and our house. And guess what? Turns out Philadelphians are super friendly. Even our mailman introduced himself the other day. No offense to natives, but I didn't anticipate that - maybe I'm biased by the reputation of your sports fans, ha!

Anyway, enough chatter for today. In the midst of the crazy this week, I did manage to round up some of my favorite posts from around blogland. So if you're on the lookout for some weekend reading and eye candy, look no further!

1 | There are so, so many good renter friendly organization tips in this post from IHeart Organizing.

2 | Thanks to i suwannee for pointing me to the gorgeous graphic design work of Stitch Design Co. out of Charleston, SC. If you love clean, beautiful branding, you've gotta check them out.

3 | Whoa. Hello awesome furniture transformation!

4 | This bathroom reno feels so fresh and clean, but it's classic too - it'll definitely stand the test of time.

5 | These might just be the perfect underbed storage drawers.


6 | I'm a big fan of using ordinary things in new and creative ways. Rope? Very ordinary. These projects? Pretty darn creative!

7 | Our living room is so narrow that we can't have end tables for lamps like we used to in our old place, so I'm trying to figure out some solutions to this task lighting issue. I like the idea of a floor lamp like this living room has below. If you have any other ideas, shoot 'em my way :).

8 | I'm still loving the painterly/watercolor trend and so are fabric designers, apparently! Take a look at a few pretty ones over here.

{LULU DK for Schumacher}

That's all, y'all! Have a great weekend!

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  1. Some great links. How about wall sconces for your living room? If you don't want to wire them in you can look for plug in options. A pair would look great above a sofa.
    Thanks for including my drawer hack :-)

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