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Happy Friday! We're finally getting some spring-like temperatures here after getting 7.5" of snow on Monday! The weather is so wacky this time of year. I'm so excited for a couple of warm days in a row. Are the temperatures (finally!) on the rise in your neck of the woods too?

It's time for my weekly round up of lovely links. Ready? OK! (I'm channeling my inner cheerleader today...must be the weather that's making me all happy and upbeat.)

1 | Do you ever run across things that make you go, wow, that was SO smart! Well I came across one of those this week when I saw Sarah's bathroom makeover. She incorporated a pullout step into the cabinet so her little ones can easily pull it out and wash their hands without keeping a bulky stool nearby!

2 | Ruth gave some fabulous tips on saving money on everyday household items using Amazon Mom. 

3 | Y'all know I love a good knockoff, and Abby has a good one this week on her blog for Anthro-inspired coasters. Love these!

4 | I am SO impressed with this budget kitchen makeover. This little 1905 cottage is getting quite the overhaul. It's been so fun to watch over the past little while, and this kitchen might be my favorite part yet!

5 | Y'all. Jen (of IHeart Organizing) is on a major cleaning binge in her casa, and I am so impressed. I'm pretty sure I've never done half the things she's conquered - ever - in my house. If you need to get your clearning rear in gear, there's a ton of inspiration here!

6 | I feel like moving comes up every week, but it's on my brain all the time these days! These are some helpful packing tips that will definitely come in handy all too soon.

7 | Need pretty art for your walls? How about FREE art? Check out these sources from Thrifty Decor Chick.

8 | There's something so sweet and fun about this new collection from DaySpring. Most of it's a little too girly for our house, but maybe a piece or two could sneak in...

That's it, y'all! Have a great weekend!

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  1. So many links to love! Thank you for including me in your sweet round-up! Happy weekend!

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