{Freebie} April iPhone Wallpaper

It may not quite be April yet, but some of y'all may be planners like me and find it handy to have a way to quickly glance at the month ahead. I love having a monthly calendar as my iPhone lock screen, so I designed these simple ones for April that y'all can download for free(!) {links at the bottom of the post}.

I chose two bright colors - pink and teal - since they just felt like spring to me. March weather has been so finicky in my neck of the woods - one day it's 65 and sunny and the next we get 7 inches of snow. I'm not afraid to say that I'm ready for spring to stick around for good. No more of this weather roller coaster thankyouverymuch. 

The pink I chose reminds me of the cherry blossoms that are soon to bloom here in DC around the Tidal Basin. If you're wondering if they're really as breathtaking as every says they are, they are. Trust me

The teal I went with felt like a fresh take on green. (Fresh...green...get it?! Couldn't help the pun. Sorry!) Green is an obvious spring color choice, but the teal...it's like the sophisticated cousin of green. You trackin' with me on that?

So while we're on the subject of the month of April - it's going to be a little crazy town around here. We're traveling a couple of the weekends and then at the end of the month we move! We're packing up our itty bitty DC apartment, putting our stuff in storage and moving to the river house for a few months until we head to Philadelphia in July. Life is happening around here, y'all. Lots of life. It may be a little quiet on the blog for the next bit, and there may not be as many posts on the ole blog, but I'm still here! If you have any moving tips, please send them my way. And pray for a smooth transition too, if you think about it :).

Download the wallpapers here:

// Pink Lock Screen Wallpaper // 

// Teal Lock Screen Wallpaper // 

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