Washington, DC Neighborhood Map Art

I'm really excited to share a new print that's up in my shop with y'all today! It's a piece of typographic art that includes all the neighborhoods of Washington, DC - my current home! My hope this will be the start of a series of prints of many places all across the United States (and maybe the world?). One step at a time... :).

The inspiration for this print came partly from my Richmond Fan District art (also available in the shop!) and partly out of a shirt I bought in St. Barth that had the names of all the beaches and towns on it. I tend to make this kind of art when I'm feeling sentimental about a place, and DC is certainly one of those places. We'll be leaving here in just a few short months to move onto our next adventure (more on that soon). It'll be fun to hang this in our new home as a reminder of the past couple of wonderful years in this city. Our little neighborhood is tucked in there somewhere!
This print is available for instant download in an 8x10 size. It's easy to print at home on 8.5x11 inch card stock, which you can trim to fit an 8x10 frame. It's available in any of the colors you see above, but I can also customize them to be anything you'd like! Just email me at mayricherfullerbe{at}gmail.com or message me on Etsy with your idea.

I printed one myself in the green and blue colorway and added it to my gallery wall. Y'all know I like to switch that art up all the time!

I also love making custom art, so if you'd like one of these that's in the shape of your hometown, state or favorite place, let me know! And if you know anyone who loves DC, please send them on over to my shop - I'd love to get the word out on this print.

Do y'all have any art that represents your hometown or where you currently live? Are you as sentimental about leaving a place as I am when you move?

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