Favorite {Non-Red-and-Pink} Valentine's Day Finds

Hey friends! As I'm sure you know, Valentine's Day is coming up next Friday. Whether you like it or not, pink and red items are popping up everywhere for this little holiday (or have been since New Year's if you're a big box store!). I'm kind of "eh" about the holiday of love, but think I do think it's kind of a fun excuse for a date night!

Anyway, since there's no shortage of pink and red decor, crafts and other fun V-day-related things out there, I thought I'd round up a few of my favorite less traditional finds from around the web to buck the conventional pink and red trend. There's a little something for everyone here - Etsy items, a recipe, and a few crafts!

Ready? Ok. (Excuse my inner-wannabe-cheerleader coming out there...)

1 | DIY Rustic Wood Letters - XOXO

2 | Awkward Love Card

3 | Mint Heart Stud Earrings

4 | Easy Valentine's Day Art

5 | How to Make a Gilded Arrow

6 | Love and Hearts Garland

7 | Hand-Lettered Chalk Art Valentine's Day Labels

8 | Cream Filled Chocolate Heart-Shaped Cakes

How do y'all feel about non-traditional Valentine's Day ideas? Kind of fun to change it up a little, huh?

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