Unexpected Places for Affordable Home Decor {H&M}

Maybe I've had my head in the sand lately, but I was totally shocked to spot a ton of amazing home decor items at H&M last week. I was vaguely aware that they had a home section but hadn't ever shopped there, so when a couple of throw pillows caught my eye in their window display last week, I thought I'd go in and take a peek at what they had to offer.

I was blown away. I could've picked up a dozen items and redecorated half our home. Y'all! Have I been missing out all this time, or is this a new thing? Sure, there are some items that made me go, huh?, design-wise but all in all I was really impressed!

H&M is certainly known for its affordable and trendy (maybe too trendy for me, ha!) clothing, and their home goods section is equally as affordable. I couldn't believe the prices on some things. I let myself wander around for about 30 minutes taking it all in. What surprised me the most though was the quality of many of the items in the store. The fabrics had a nice weight to them, seemed well made and are on trend. The current collection even has a lot of 100% linen and organic cotton items at super reasonable prices. In the end, I managed to tear myself away walked away with four new pillow covers for a grand total of about...$15.

Granted, two of those were on clearance. For $0.50 each. (Note to self, always always check the clearance section there.) The other pillow covers I bought were $6 a piece. I can't find fabric and make pillows for that cheap. Plus, all four of these pillow covers had invisible zippers. Zippers alone cost more than fifty cents! I found myself comparing this shopping experience to shopping at IKEA only with higher quality textiles (for the most part).

Now I'm not here just to brag about my awesome finds. Ok maybe a little, but what I really want to show you is some of my favorite items from the current H&M collection and how sometimes it pays to snoop around a little bit at places you wouldn't normally shop to find some amazing and affordable home decor items.

Let's have a look, shall we? I'd describe the current collection as a mix of French country, industrial and modern farmhouse.

Clockwise from top left:

And because I loved so many of their pillows, I pulled a whole bunch of my favorites of those as well :).

Clockwise from top left:

What do y'all think? Is this what you'd expect from the trendy retail chain? 

Have a great Thursday!

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  1. I'm so in love with the H&M home stuff! It came out sometime last year {maybe right before the fall?}. I forget to check to see what they have, though. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. I love love love HM home! I just discovered it a few months ago and they are the best for cute and affordable home decor. And those pillows... I'll take one of each :)

  3. I usually pass on H&M when it comes to clothes but I'll definitely have to check out their home decor the next time I pass by their store at the mall... I didn't even know they sold anything besides clothes.

    Sarah @ LogFurniturePlace

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  8. Do we still get things for $0.50? You have got yourself a deal, no doubt about that! Lovely collection! After reading your post, I want to visit H & M myself for Home Decor items!

    Who wouldn't want to redecorate their homes, when its so cheap yet trendy!

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