Thanksgiving Table Printables

I'm not hosting or in charge of Thanksgiving this year. I guess that's one of the perks of being young, not having kids and living in a tiny apartment (that's SO not ideal for hosting a big ole Thanksgiving feast). We love going to my in-laws' home for this holiday, and I've been brainstorming ways that I can help since hosting/cooking/prepping Thanksgiving is a huge undertaking!

I've got a list of "ideas" for you tomorrow on how to be helpful when you're NOT hosting Thanksgiving (I'm preachin' to myself here too!), but I wanted to go ahead and share one of the practical things with you today.

For many hosts and hostesses, getting food on the table is the most important part, but this is also the most time-consuming and involved task! Prettying up the table and buffet area may not be the first thing on their minds, so this is where you, the non-hoster, can help out. This is definitely not something that's mandatory, but I think that can be a nice way to get involved so they can focus on the food aspect of things and not worry about making the table all purdy (if that's the plan - I know things work differently for different families).

Place cards and food label cards can be really helpful, especially if you've got a crowd coming. People like to know where to sit and what they're eating, so adding these two simple things this takes the guesswork out of that.

To make it easy for you, dearest non-hoster, I've created some free "fall vines" place cards/food label cards and some "what are you thankful for?" lists that you can use at your feast. Both are included in this PDF for you to download. Make sure you ask the host or hostess if they've already planned for this though - no stepping on anyone's toes!

Here are the place cards/food label cards. They come six to a sheet, so print out as many sheets as you need :).

Print them out on card stock, cut out the individual cards and lists using scissors or a paper trimmer and write names or food on them. Fold in half and place on the table or buffet. Simple as that!

The "what are you thankful for?" lists come three to a sheet. Again, print as many as you need! Sometimes getting the thankfulness conversation started around the dinner table can be a bit of a challenge, so if you give people some time to think and write things down before sitting down for dinner, you'll already have a conversation starter in place!
Print the sheets out on card stock and cut into thirds. Place them in a bowl or basket by the door with a cup of pens and have people grab one as they come in and fill out at their leisure while watching some football or hanging out.

If you take the initiative and do a few simple things, I'll bet the day will go a lot more smoothly and the host or hostess will be very thankful for you on turkey day!

What are your Thanksgiving plans this year? Are you playing host/hostess, and do you think it would be helpful having someone take care of some little things for you? 


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