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I hope y'all have had good weeks! Last night I went to a DoItHerself workshop at the Home Depot and I came home with a pretty cool wooden monogram. I had a pretty hilarious experience though - more next week and some deets on the project. Did any of you go to that workshop in your city?

And now it's Friday (hooray!) and that means it's time for another set of lovely links for your weekend viewing pleasure (hooray again!). Off we go... :)

1 | I ran across IE Design this week and fell in LOVE with all of her products and simple, clean design aesthetic. Example: pillows.

2 | In my one-day-we'll-own-a-house dreams, I'd build shutters like these cottage-style ones

3 | I've always wanted to take a stab at making candles, and this tutorial from Finding Home looks easy enough to take on. Christmas presents anyone?

4 | This Thanksgiving printable is so sweet! If you'd like a copy, head over to 6th Street Design School for deets. 

5 | I must not be a kid anymore...these brussel sprouts look amazing!

6 | I love the look of linen, but don't always love the price. Pretty Handy Girl has a great tutorial for making drop cloth material look more like linen in this tutorial for a stenciled table runner.

7 | We're heading into a season of gift giving, so why not try your hand at some cute DIY gift wrapping ideas? Here are lots for you to take a look at. 

8 | Sparkly tinsel garland? Yes please. That is all :).

Enjoy your weekends!!

P.S. I chose the winner (randomly, of course!) of the CSW Designs giveaway this morning...was it you? ;) If you didn't win, don't worry, all the items are available for purchase in the shop!

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