Jackson on Using and Loving What HE Has {31 Days: Day 5}

Hey there, Jackson here! I'm taking over my mom's blog today. I figure if she gets to write for 31 days on using and loving what SHE has, I should at least get one post here during the month since I am a part of this family after all and I want to talk about using and loving what I have too. Mmk?

It makes sense for me to follow yesterday's post too, since she was talking about me and showing off those toys she made for me. So yeah. Let's talk toys.

My question after seeing all those toys she made is, why do I only get one at a time?!  I want that pumpkin one sooo bad. I'd rip it to shreds in 5 seconds. Watch me.

I guess I'm pretty happy with this crazy one for now though. I've been gnawing at it trying to get this stupid knot untied for like 5 days now. Mom, why'd you have to make it so hard?

Oh, and it's GREAT for tug-o-war.

Wanna play with me now? I bet my jaws of steel are stronger than your grip. I. will. win.

Go ahead and be jealous of me and my awesome toys. Betcha you don't have anything like this. {Note from Chaney - yep, I'll bet you don't have toys made out of scraps!} Thanks mom.

Now can we go outside and play? I'd really like to find a squirrel to hunt down. Oo! Or maybe we can go for a run in the woods so I can find a deer to stalk? I've got so many good ideas...Didn't you talk about loving your city during this 31 day challenge, mom? Let's take advantage of it like, now. Ok?


Side note: I couldn't resist being a little bit silly for my first weekend #31Days. I do really love this little guy and glad he's a part of our lives. My weekend posts will likely be a little shorter and simpler than weekday posts...just so I don't go crazy writing for 31 days straight! Happy weekend y'all!

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