For Sale: Coral & Gray Dipped Side Table {31 Days: Day 19}

Sometimes loving what you've got means letting some other things go. While I LOVE this little side table I painted over the summer, I sadly don't have a place for it now that my trash-can-turned-end-table took over its spot in the living room. Holding onto things I don't need adds clutter to our itty bitty apartment, and it's hard for me to love my space well if I've got too much stuff hanging around - know what I mean? So I'm decluttering in phases slowly over time. I sold a few things in a yard sale, donated a bunch of things, and now it's time to get to selling some things via Craigslist.

This little table is going up there next week, but I figured since y'all got to see the process of its transformation, I'd give you a shot at it first. If there are no takers, I'll Craigslist it. I'm asking $35 for it. Email me at mayricherfullerbe{at}gmail.com if you're interested. Local DC-area pickups only, sorry for you non-locals!

I'm going through more things in our home over the next couple of weeks, so I'll let you know if I'm selling anything else :).

Hope y'all are having wonderful Saturdays!

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  1. Hi Chaney! I love this little side table. I am re-doing my best friend's apartment, and she lives in DC (Columbia Heights)! I'm pretty sure that I'll be up to visit/ work on her apartment some time in November (I'm in NC), and I'd love to add this cute little number to her living room! If it still available, of course :) Where exactly are you located? I can ask her what she thinks and maybe have her pick it up. Thanks so much!


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