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Happy Friday, y'all. I'm especially grateful for the coming weekend because we'll be HOME for the first time in five weekends. Hooray! Time to hang out, do some projects and watch my Auburn boys play some football. Can't wait. If you're looking for some reading or project inspiration for this weekend, I've got you covered. Check out these eight lovely links I've gathered from the past week :).

1 | I want to make something like this song lyric art from A Beautiful Mess. The watercolory background is so lovely.

2 | The look for less that Kirsten pulled together of a beautiful living room designed by Jeffrey Alan Marks is awesome.

3 | Hey all my blogging friends! Are you following "rules" for good SEO? (Tune this lovely link out if you have no idea what I'm talking about...or don't care.) This post on SEO basics is a must-read if you're a novice on the topic like I am. So many helpful tips!

4 | Blue Lagoon, Iceland. I want to go to there. That is all. Thank you, Lauren (at Aspiring Kennedy), for sharing this loveliness with me and making me jealous of your trip.

5 | How to break in new shoes in 5 minutes. I had no idea this was possible! I've been suffering for too long.

6 | Cheater pom poms. Love this idea for a party.

7 | Ashley, from The Handmade Home, speaks truth in this article about risk-taking. Read it for me, mmk? I bet you'll be encouraged.

8 | Linen may be more of a summer fabric than fall, but when I stumbled across this post on hand-painting linen napkins, I couldn't help but want to try it myself. You'll definitely be hearing about it if I attempt it :).

Have a great weekend!

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