Creative Bits | 23: Living Room from House and Home

Happy Friday, y'all! I don't know about you, but I am so ready for the weekend. Since I was away at the end of last week, I skipped last week's installment of Creative Bits - oh the tragedy! We're back on track though this week, and I have a beautiful living room to share with you today. Usually I like to share spaces from other bloggers, but I fell hard for this Muskoka Cottage room from Canadian House and Home. I felt like it had so many wonderful little design takeaways ("bits") making it a perfect fit for this series. Let's discuss, shall we?

The more I get to know my design style, the more I've realized I love light and neutral spaces with layered color. I'd much rather start with a neutral palette and add to it from there than start with bright colors - does that make sense?  This room captures that idea so well. If you keep the major pieces in the room neutral, you're much likely to get sick of it and you can always switch out the less expensive elements (think pillows, throws, lamps, accessories) when you're ready for a change. This is all totally personal preference though. This idea of a neutral space may not look like "you" at all and that's fine!

The scale is also really important. A room like the one above calls for a large sectional or two sofas. No dinky furniture here. And because the space is so large, they even had room for that giant square pouf - which I love. Since the furniture is the right size, the room feels full but not crowded at all. If I tried to put something like this in our apartment, man would it feel stuffed.

The last thing I noted in the room was that the designers made sure to add warmth to the room using textured baskets, woven materials, and natural elements like the flowers. These are the things that make a room feel like a comfortable and lived in rather than sterile and cold.

Can you tell I love this space? Enough about me though, what are the things that you love about it? 

This creative bit is the perfect segue into the next post in my "Defining My Style" series - which is going to be all about living rooms that I love. It'll be coming sometime in the next couple of weeks!

image courtesy of House and Home

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