Window Shopping: Rough Luxe

I think it's about time we head out on another window shopping trip, don't you? 

Last weekend I took a little trip across the river to Virginia to check out a new warehouse sale called Rough Luxe Marketplace. While the name of the sale may not sound familiar, you may recognize the name of the gal that runs it - Kelly Millspaugh Thompson - founder and owner of Stylish Patina. She's many things, including a successful interior designer and blogger, chalk paint extraordinaire, vintage furniture finder, barn sale runner, and most recently, shop owner. The Rough Luxe Marketplace holds a collection of vintage and new pieces, and is an extension of her new shop (also called Stylish Patina) in Falls Church, Virginia. It functions like a barn sale in that it happens once a month, but with the advantage of being right in the heart of the DC Metro area - at least that's an advantage to me being a DC dweller!

If you've been reading the blog for awhile, you might remember that I took a trip out to a few barn sales in Frederick, Marlyand, including Kelly's, and they did not disappoint. You can read my recap of that trip here. She's no longer running that barn sale (it's changed hands and is now called Sweet Clover), and is now focusing more on her shop, a vintage rentals company and this new Rough Luxe adventure. 

Whew! That backstory went a little longer than I anticipated! Sorry 'bout that. All that to say...I went to the inaugural sale this weekend! And window shop I did. Ready for some less than awesome iPhone photos of some highlights?

1. I loved this collection of random drawers. What a great way to store things on shelves! Even if they're different styles, painting the drawer fronts the same color can make them "go together" quite well.

2. I had to do a double take with this guy. It looks like regular ole painted wood armoire, but when I opened it up, I realized it's actually painted metal! How cool and different. At $50, it was a total steal. Talk about great storage potential.

3. These cubes were fascinating to me with their rough, irregular edges. They look like they came straight out a West Elm catalog. They'd make great little side tables.

4. My fascination with typography continues with these old wooden letter stamps. I had to restrain myself from digging through these. After all, I already have some vintage printing press letters.

5. Underneath those cool moss balls are a couple of wood dough bowls. They've been super popular in recent years because of their rustic look and versatility. I didn't look at the price on these, but I know they can be on the more expensive side.

6. Lovely upholstered ottoman. No description needed :).

7. Lastly, how could I leave without admiring a pretty chalk-painted piece of furniture? This dresser would make a great addition to a little girl's room, or could be used as a buffet...TV stand in a living room...lots of possibilities.

Hope you enjoyed going on a little window shopping today! If you live in the area, this sale will be happening again the weekend of July 19th. If you need a shopping partner, let me know! :)

P.S. Want to do some more window shopping with me? My last fun adventure took me to CB2 and West Elm - love those places!

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