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Happy last weekend in June! I can't believe come Monday, it'll be July. Craziness.

It's time for another installment of Lovely Links, an every-other-week series here on May Richer Fuller Be. Here are some of my favorite finds, posts and DIYs from the past couple of weeks. Get ready for some serious inspiration heading into the weekend!

**And don't forget (last announcement, I promise!) this is the last weekend to migrate your RSS feeds over to a new reader since Google's is going away on MONDAY! See the icons under "connect" on the sidebar for links to some great alternatives. (I've personally switched to feedly and am liking it so far.)

Now, onto the links!

1 | I'm a crazy list-maker gal, so when I spotted Little Paper Dog's free printable lists, I was in love. I need to get some white card stock so I can print some off myself!

2 | Speaking of paper goods, how fun are these party invitations by Pencil Shavings Studio? Makes me want to throw a party just so I can design some cute invitations.

3 | Make It & Love It wrote up a great post on how to paint a straight line on textured walls.

4 | Holy cow! This craft room reveal is nothing but amazing. I dream of having a space like this one day.

5 | I absolutely love the transformation of this changing table into a bar cart from Southern State of Mind. What a brilliant idea.

6 | Loved this article from Aspiring Kennedy about being realistic about blogging. If you're a little blogger like me (or a big blogger!), I think you'll appreciate it! :)

7 | Even though I don't have any kiddos of my own, I'm totally obsessed with nurseries right now. This one (by Casa de Lewis via 6th Street Design School) is so sweet and simple, and it's gender-neutral-done-right.

8 | And lastly, I'll leave your with this little art print. The simple quote totally resonated with me and made me smile (as did the design), so I had to share it with you. Anyone else in this boat with me?

Have a great weekend, y'all!

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