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Happy Monday, y'all! I hope you all had great weekends!

Back in March, I told you about my new favorite app, Printicular, that allows you to print Instagrams from your phone to Walgreens one-hour photo center. It's pretty awesome if you want to be old-school like me and have actual prints (what a crazy thought!) of some of your favorite Instagrams to display in your home. I love that I can upload them and have them in my hands the same day. Yes, I can be impatient somtimes :).

Here's my Instagram of Instagrams from when I had them printed:

But the question now is, now that you have physical prints, how do you display them? Since Instagrams are fun, non-traditional photos, I think they call for a fun, non-traditional display. Don't you think? I had some fun scouring the house for something to use and came up with a pile of unused pants hangers. I thought they'd be perfect for the job. Go with me on this one...

Take a look:

Pretty cute, yes? After playing around with them for a little while, I figured out that I could clamp 5 photos onto one pants hanger, making a fun display for a grouping of photos.

I used five hangers in all to display 25 Instagrams. They look great hung all together in a group.

They're currently hanging on a cable in our apartment, but I'm not sure they'll stay there. We'll see. Wherever they end up though, I think they look pretty snazzy on their hangers.

I love how Instagram allows me to capture both big moments and everyday happenings in my life. So many of these photos capture little snippets of life that might otherwise be forgotten (example: that single barren tree on the beach that was strikingly beautiful and stark at the same time). If you've been reading this little blog for any length of time, you've probably noticed that I love taking photos, and Instagram provides one more way for me to snap away and share.

How do you use Instagram? Have you ever printed your photos? If you have, have you found a fun way to display them? I'm looking forward to trying out some others. Watch out - my walls may soon be wallpapered with Instagrams...uh oh!


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  1. Chaney, great way to showcase your @Printicular Instagram pics!

    1. Thanks Vin - and I'm using @Printicular for another project I'm doing. Details next week!

  2. I love this idea! I always forget about those pants hangers... they are perfect for hanging stuff like this. Thanks for sharing this week on Project Inspire{d}!

  3. Great Idea! Love this! Who did you use to print your instagram photos? Thanks for linking up at Give Me the Goods Link Party!!!

    1. It's an app called Printicular. You can send them directly to Walgreens one hour photo. It's awesome!

  4. I am featuring your Instagram display on my blog today. Thanks for linking it up. The next party starts in a little bit. I hope to see you there.


  5. It is amazing, i really likes it, it will be very useful to modify Display printing. Thanks for the post.


  6. Hey, My name is Laura and I blog for Printicular. Our blogs are about tips for displaying printed Instagram photos, so if you are after any more crafty ideas please check it out! printicular.com/printing-instagram.

    We love how you have displayed your photos!! Such a neat and very crafty idea! Its nice not only seeing people use the Printicular app, but seeing the printed photos actually displayed!

    Hope you continue to enjoy the app!!

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