Vintage Roadrunner Glassware

Can I just start by saying I love thrift store shopping? The thrill of the hunt, the possibility of finding a diamond in the rough, the low prices...I love it all. So when I had the opportunity to hit up a couple in small-town Virginia this past weekend, I couldn't wait to get started - especially since one of the places was where I found my vintage milk glass lamps several months ago. And boy did I find a few great things. I haven't had a chance to take photos of everything yet, so I'll start with my favorite find today: some vintage old-fashioned glasses.

When I spotted this set of eight glasses, I was immediately taken by their mid-century vibe and their shiny gold (adorable!) roadrunners. They were in almost perfect shape, and I thought they'd be a fun addition to a bar ware collection.

They have gold rims as well, which didn't photograph well, but they're there. They feel almost Mad Men-esque, don't they? I like that they're a little quirky and a little unexpected. I think they're something Emily Henderson would love. Or maybe Jaime from Furbish.

Besides the thrill of finding something fabulous at a thrift shop, my other favorite thing to do with my finds is to try and look up their manufacturer and era of production. Though these have no markings, I believe these low ball glasses were made by a company called Couroc, which was a popular maker of glassware, trays, etc. from the 1950s to 1990s. I'm going to guess mine are from the 1960s or 1970s? Total guess. I have no idea.

go roadrunner go!

I initially picked them up thinking they'd be a great "fun find" to add to my Etsy shop, but when I showed them to C, he loved them, and asked if we could keep them. So I'm 90% sure they'll stay with us. Now all I have to do is find somewhere to put them in our tiny apartment. Hmm.

I'm thinking we need an awesome bar cart to put these on display. Too bad we don't have the space. A girl can dream, right? Take a look at these lovely examples...


I clearly have a thing for gold - but I'm thinking those glasses would fit right in with any of these guys.

I'll be putting a couple more of my fun finds from this weekend up in my Etsy shop this week (once I have a chance to photograph them). Can't wait to show you!

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