Gallery Wall - New Additions and Updates

Over the weekend, I had a chance to play with the gallery wall over our living room sofa. I originally posted about it way back in November, so you can check out that post for more background if you're interested.  The "quick recap" version is that we started with this sad, sad blank wall with an off-center wall sconce. Since we're renters, I can't change the unfortunate-looking sconce or its location, so the best I could do was disguise it. To do that, and to add some life to wall, I put up a few frames to start a gallery wall:

It was better than a blank wall, but it was still looking a little...blah (even with my new ampersand artwork). It needed a couple of more frames to fill out the space. I had some black frames hanging around (pun totally intended) that I spray painted white to fit in with the existing look.

{spray painting action in process}

{all done!}

After the paint dried, I reassembled them with their contents: a black and white photo I took in one, and one of my "consider it pure joy" art prints in the other.

I then used a very precise technique called "eye-balling" to pick the placement on the wall. :) Here's where they ended up:

You can see the black and white photo in the bottom left, and the art print on the very bottom towards the right side. I think it looks much fuller and more complete. I'm undecided on whether to add one more for good measure. What do you think?

For comparison, here's the "before" shot again:

And after from a couple more angles. The left...

 ...And the right:

I think it's shaping up quite nicely. One thing I love about it is that each photo or piece of art has a story behind it. I like personal touches like that. Maybe I'll share a few of them sometime.

Do you have a gallery wall in your house? If you do, what's on yours? I'd love to hear (or see!)


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  1. Looks great!

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  2. Looking good! I love that each one means something to you. Thanks for linking up :)

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