Have you ever walked into a store that just made your mouth drop from all the beautiful/marvelous/wonderful things it had inside?


And are you an Anthropologie lover like I am?


Well, meet DC's local version - Trohv - minus the clothes, plus more "found" objects and a tad more quirkiness. If you love Anthro, you'll loooove Trohv.

This gem of a store resides in Takoma Park, Maryland where I work one out of five days a week. I think I passed it about four times before I... a) realized it was there and b) realized it was not, in fact, a farmer's market like the window display suggested and c) managed to look it up online to see what it actually was.

Have I confused you yet?

The reason this place first got my attention was because of this window display they had starting back in late August...


When I first saw this big ole sign in a storefront that said "pick your own" in the middle of the city, I thought, "Oh, this must be a seasonal market where they bring in apples and stuff from local orchards/farms. How cool."

The next time I drove by, I managed to catch the name of the place - Trohv. Then I thought to myself, "That's certainly not a name for a farmer's market." So I went home and did what any reasonable person would do. Googled it.

And boy did I strike gold. You better believe I made a point to stop in next time I was on my way home from work. You really need to take a look at their website to appreciate their merchandise, but here's a smattering of things I saw that I loved...

{Note: I felt wildly awkward taking pictures in their store, so I just took mental notes while I was there and borrowed some pictures from their website of the things I like.}

{sources: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5}

That selection doesn't even do the store justice. I would describe Trohv as a carefully curated collection of gift items, unique furniture, kitchen items (think cookbooks and bar items), paper goods, light fixtures, bedding...the list goes on. You can just tell creative people run the show here.

I went by again this week and they've switched out their window displays for the upcoming Christmas season. Now usually I don't like to see a hint of Christmas before Thanksgiving, but they're making me rethink my stance. Just take a look at their website's homepage:

Pretty, huh? 

Anyway, I just felt like I needed to share this little treasure of a store. If you live in the DC area (or Baltimore for that matter - there's another one there!) and have not had a chance to stop in, do it. Get a little Christmas shopping done early. You'll love it. Maybe your jaw will even drop like mine did.

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