Gallery Wall Struggles...and Inspiration!

First of all, let me say that we love our little apartment. But, as with every home, there are a few things that just aren't quite right. Ya know what I mean? And they irk me to no end. One of those things is the wall above our sofa in our living room. Do you see that unlovely wall sconce? Yeah, not my favorite thing. (Disclaimer: it's just not my taste. If you like it, please don't be offended!) While I'd love to switch it out, we can't because we're renting. It's one of those work with what you've got situations.

Besides the fact that I'm not a big fan of its design, I'm not a fan of it's placement either. What you don't get from the photo above is that there are actually two more of these (one on either side), and while they provide much-needed lighting for that room, they're off-center. That's not quite accurate though, because they are centered - with the wall - but not with the way the room has to be set up to be functional. This is hard to understand in words, so I made a little diagram of our living room to demonstrate:

Does that make more sense? The sconces are in red to highlight their placement. See how the middle one is just to the right of the center of the couch (if you're facing that wall)? It's glaringly obvious when you look at it straight on. Arg! Now some of you may be saying, "Well why don't you just center the couch on that wall then?" And I would say, "If only I could! But see the awkward triangular shape of the room? Furniture can really only be placed one way, and if we want to be able fit all of our furniture in and still be able to walk around it, watch TV without serious neck-craning, etc., it has to be like that."

See my dilemma?

To disguise it, you can see in the photo I've started a gallery wall around it. So far, I've made do with what I have in terms of frames, but I'm envisioning a tighter grouping, more variety in the frame styles, and an eclectic mix of photos, art, and objects. I've been pulling inspiration from around blog-land to help me get a vision of what I'd like to see.

This gallery wall is an awesome example of the "feel" I'm going for. And guess what? Its purpose was to hide some awkwardly placed switches, a thermostat, and a carbon monoxide detector. I think she was very successful. Well done, Emily.

{jones design company}

This wall also has the feel I'm going for. Maybe a little less antique-y, but I like that it looks collected, mixes styles, and is well-curated.

{Tracy's home via the Nester}

This last wall is constantly in the back of my mind as an inspiration. It's from John and Sherry of Young House Love. Love, love, love them. For their gallery wall, they kept the frame color consistent, and added lots of personal, meaningful art/photos/objects to make it "theirs."

{young house love}

Overall, I'm thinking that my wall will be some sort of combination of these. We'll see. I can't promise it will be finished soon, but I'll definitely be sharing it when the time comes!

What about you? Do you have any design dilemmas like this that you would love to solve?

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