Well They're Comin'...To Your City

Anyone catch the Big & Rich reference in the title? Or you might recognize the line from the College GameDay intro video? I know, I know. Nerdy, but I couldn't resist.

Last week I got some very exciting news from one of my very favorite blogs - Young House Love. They've been writing a book called Young House Love: 243 Ways to Paint, Craft, Update & Show Your Home Some Love for the past few years and I'm so psyched it's coming out on November 6th. Although the book release is very exciting, the news I received last week that I'm REALLY excited about is that they announced their book tour and their coming to DC! And not only to DC, but very close to our house! I can't wait to go, meet them (!) and have my book signed.

If you're not familiar with these two DIY-blogger-extraordinaires, they live in Richmond and write about their adventures in updating and making their house a home. I've been following their blog for the past several years and have loved getting to "know" them through it. Of course, since they live in Richmond, they have a special place in my heart (we miss you RVA!). I had always hoped to meet them at some point there since we had similar favorite places around town, but that never happened (whomp whomp). Well, I finally get my chance now that they're coming to my neck of the woods. I'm pumped. Anyone want to go with me?


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