The Jackson Files

Jackson is our almost 3-year-old poodle/lhasa apso mix. He's quite manly and athletic for only being a 17 pound, white and fluffy dog (don't tell him I called him white and fluffy...he'll be offended). I think he's pretty awesome and hilarious, so I'll be sharing photos and updates about him periodically here on the ole blog in "The Jackson Files" (maybe more for my sake than anyone else's!).


I got a new camera lens for my birthday and on Sunday, the weather was beautiful, so the husband, Jackson and I headed out to the park to enjoy it and try out my lens. Jackson was kind enough to be my model.

He loves being outside. When we go to the park, we take a 200 foot clothesline with us as his "leash" so that we're obeying the leash law (we're such rule followers), but he can still run around.

This one is hilarious. It looks like he's laughing, hard.

He also loves his tennis ball. He's always up for a game of fetch.

It was a great way to spend our Sunday afternoon. I'm trying to soak up these last days of brilliant, warm sunshine before the real fall and winter set in. Even though I love the coziness of the coming seasons, I know I'll miss being able to walk outside in shorts and a t-shirt!

P.S. In case you're curious, the lens I got was the Canon 50mm f/1.8. I love it so far!

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