Burlap Bunting

If you've been a regular reader, you'll remember that last week I talked about my love affair with burlap. At the end, I told you I was going to take on one of the pictured projects. And I did! (Nothing like putting it out there in blogland to keep you accountable, huh?) I made my own version of the burlap bunting seen here:

{Proverbs 31 Girl}

I made an abbreviated tutorial of sorts, so if you want to create your own, you can get the idea from these basic steps. If you don't plan on making your own, you can just skip to the bottom to see my finished product.

I started with some burlap purchased from my local hardware store.

Got out some newspaper, scissors and a ruler to cut out a template so that all my little bunting flags would be approximately the same size.

I then laid out my template on my burlap and cut around it to create a series of little flags...

...like this one:

Then, I missed a few steps of photography. Oops! But the next steps were easy. I used an old oxford shirt (that I accidentally bleached) to cut out letters spelling "autumn" and pasted them onto the flags using glue dots. I wove some embroidery floss through the little holes in the burlap to string it up. And voila! I had myself some burlap bunting.

I love it. It's just the touch of fall I wanted for our house. Simple, and certainly not perfect. But that's how burlap is meant to look, right? I'm definitely planning on using more burlap for other projects around here. I do have about 25 more feet in my roll to use up... :)

Yay fall!

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