Hello! Sorry I've been MIA for the past few days. I've been in Boston for a work conference that kept me inside in a large convention center with 2,000 other genetic counselors for 4 days :). I did learn a lot, and got to see classmates, former teachers and mentors. I didn't get to see as much of Boston as I would have liked, but I did get out to explore a bit. Instagram (again) helped me document my journey. So here's a view of some of my non-conference-related highlights:

I was pleasantly surprised to find I had a lovely view of Boston from my hotel room...look at all those beautiful, old brick buildings!

I had a grad school reunion at a place called Max Brenner. If you don't know what it is (which I didn't before going), it is a restaurant centered around chocolate. Yeah. Chocolate. Um, amazing! I had a drink that I would describe as a martini that tasted like yellow cake with chocolate icing. Dessert in a glass? Yes please. Is your mouth watering yet?

On Friday I took a run from the Back Bay area to Cambridge and stopped on the bridge going over the Charles River because the view was spectacular. There were probably about 50 sailboats and crew boats, and I could see the downtown skyline in the distance.

Once I got to Cambridge, I took a stroll through Harvard's campus. This is their gorgeous (and huge!) library.

On Saturday, after the conference was over, I walked from my hotel in the Back Bay area to Beacon Hill by way of the Boston Public Gardens and Boston Common. I love that Boston is such a walkable city - even if I was hauling my luggage with me to stay with a friend that night :).

Here's a shot of the Boston Public Gardens:

Fun fact of the day: I saw not one, but FOUR weddings happening there as I walked through. Popular site for a wedding I guess! I can see why. It is lovely.

Beacon Hill was my final destination for this trip before heading home. If you love old, historic neighborhoods with cobblestone sidewalks, this is a dream. I. Loved. It. I would have taken a million photos of the neighborhood if I had had my real camera. But alas, I didn't. Here's a sample of the architecture you find there:

Pretty, isn't it?

Boston, you treated me well. I will revisit you again someday without a conference so that I can see more of you. Thanks for your hospitality!

I headed home Sunday to beat out Frankenstorm Sandy that is coming our way today. I'm praying everyone in her path will be safe and that the damage will be minimal. Additional prayers would be much appreciated!

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