Thrifted China Cabinet Update

Remember that vintage mid-century modern-ish china cabinet I picked up a few weeks ago for a song at my favorite second-hand furniture store? 

Well, she received a simple makeover last week and I'm excited to share this super simple project with you today! Can you see what changed? 

Yep, it's the inside of the glass cabinet area!

It went from wood to white by using one simple material: contact paper. No mess, no fuss, hardly any cleanup, and I was done in an hour. Told you it was simple!

I had some Whitewood Matte Wood Grain contact paper left over from this project in our rental house and it was perfect for this application.

All I did was:
  • Measured and cut lengths of contact paper to fit the area I wanted to cover
  • Removed a small section of the backing to expose the sticky side
  • Lined up the contact paper so it would lay straight on the wood (leaving a little extra sticking up along the edges to trim off later)
  • Smoothed down the contact paper with a plastic smoother tool while being careful to avoid bubbles (I pulled the paper backing off as I went along - I found that worked best for a smooth application)
  • Used a utility knife/razor blade to trim off the overhang so that the edges were sharp and clean
That's it! Unfortunately I did this project by myself, so I couldn't take any process photos, but I think applying contact paper to a smooth surface is pretty self explanatory! :)

I love how the white background makes all the glassware, serving pieces, china, barware etc. pop rather than recede into the background.

I can't believe how much storage space this hutch gives us - I still have space in the bottom cabinets that I haven't filled!  One thing I'm particularly excited about is that I finally have a place to display the "fancy china" I inherited from my grandparents.

The next step for this dining room is to add some art on either side of the hutch. I'm not sure what that will be yet, but I want to it be large, but inexpensive. I'm open to ideas!

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