The Power of Paint: Bathroom Edition

The power of paint is real, my friends.
When we bought our house, the only bathroom in it was purple (remember the real estate photos?). And not only that, it was two shades of purple. While purple can be a lovely color, it's not my fave, and in this case it made the bathroom feel small. Plus, those colors are just so...how do I say it? In your face.

I finally got a chance to slap a few coats of paint on over the past week and I am thrilled and amazed at how much it changed this small room. I wanted to share this mini-transformation with y'all today to show you how big of an impact it had! Besides painting, the only other thing I did was take down the accordion wall mirror and exceptionally high-mounted shelf. Everything else is the same. There are other things I'd love to change in here over time, but paint was priority numero uno for now.

Before: (like how I didn't even clean up for y'all? Ha!)


Both the walls and bead board got a coat of Behr primer to tone down that purple, then they got two coats of finish paint. The wall color is Benjamin Moore Winter White (color matched to Behr) and it's a tad grayer than the color in the photos above. I'm having a hard time photographing this space because there's no natural light, but I'm working on it! The bead board color is Behr Ultra Pure White. That's the same color as the trim in the rest of the house as well. 

The first few times I walked into the bathroom after I painted it, I almost laughed at how bright it was - it was practically blinding! I'm not sold on keeping the wall color Winter White because it reads a little more green than I'd like in this room, but it's what we painted the rest of the walls with and I wasn't ready to make a color decision in here yet. I'm open to suggestions!

If this was your bathroom, what color would you paint the walls? 

So that's a little #phillyreno update for you today. :) Follow me on Instagram (@mayricherfullerbe) for more sneak peeks and in-betweens!

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  1. What a drastic change! Love the sink and the flooring for sure! Would you consider wallpaper on the top part of the wall? I think that would look amazing with the beadboard.

    1. Thanks, Ashley! Wallpaper is definitely high on my list of options for the top half of the wall. Deciding on a pattern is the hard part!

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