In-Stock Design Board Launch {Dining Rooms}

Happy Monday, friends! Today marks the last launch day for the new in-stock design boards from Mix & Match Design Company. It's been a fun three week mini-series, and I'm excited to three new dining room designs with y'all today.

In case you missed the first couple of posts, let me catch you up on what these in-stock design boards are:

In-stock design boards give you a custom look at an affordable price ($75). They come in several different styles and will provide all the basic pieces for a room. What you see is what you get! If you want direction on how to make a room into a place you love, but crave simplicity, purchasing an in-stock design board may be a great alternative to the full room design board package.

Once you purchase, you will receive a copy of the design board with a visual representation of the items and a source list so you can easily purchase the items and install them yourself on your own time frame. The approximate cost for the items on the board is listed at the top of the board. No custom sourcing is available for these boards.

You can also use a board and the source list as a jumping off point and add your own touches to the room!

I currently have three in-stock design boards available for purchase for dining rooms:

  • Mid-Century Scandinavian
  • Industrial Modern
  • Modern Farmhouse 
For a preview of these boards, check out Mid-Century Scandinavian below! See the rest on the website.

Missed the living rooms and bedrooms? See them all here on the Mix & Match website!

Also, gift certificates are now available for Mix & Match Design Company. These make great gifts for friends and family who might need a little help with their homes! You can purchase them here.

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