Twin Bedroom Makeover Update {The Beds}

It's time for another update on the twin bedroom at the river house! Unfortunately, this will probably be the last one for awhile (sad face) since a few things didn't arrive on time and we headed back home to Philadelphia this weekend. We spent five weeks (!) at the river house and I'm feeling a little sad our time there is over for awhile. I'm really happy with the progress we made on this room while we were there - it's looking so much more fun and fresh with the new DIY'd upholstered headboards, pillows and table lamps.

As a reminder, here's where we started:

And here's the design board for the vision we had for the room:

As of today, one of the new beds has been assembled and I'm thrilled with the pop of color that ikat fabric on the headboard and the scribble stripe lumbar pillow bring to the room. We wanted those to be the focal points, and I think they certainly are!

We had this cute white bedside table already (no source, sorry!), but purchased a pair of new lamps from HomeGoods to replace the metal ones you can see in the before photo earlier in the post. They've got a subtle coastal feel with the driftwood-esque pieces on the base, but they feel modern at the same time.

P.S. Isn't that magnolia gorgeous? My dad snagged it off the tree in the front yard and I stole it for these photos :).

I talked a little bit about that fun fabric for the headboards last week (it's Premier Prints Sherpa Ikat Coastal from Fabric.com) and I'm digging it together with the scribble stripe lumbar pillow covers I ordered from Etsy. The shop is called Motion52* and they did a fabulous job on these covers - I highly recommend them. I love making pillow covers myself, but since we were at the river, I didn't have my sewing machine - oops! Etsy to the rescue. 

This oval mirror is one we already had and I like the simplicity of it. The darker color grounds the room a bit too.

Here's one last full shot of this side of the room. Lookin' good so far!

With any makeover comes a snafu or two when it comes to sourcing pieces and having items delivered. We had our share and that's the reason I don't have a full room reveal for you yet!

One of our box springs still hasn't arrived (it's a mystery why they didn't ship together...), we're waiting on some cute bedskirts to ship, and my mom and I are on the hunt for a matching quilt to the one we have on this bed. We're keeping our eyes out for a few miscellaneous items as well. Real-life room makeovers take time and that's definitely the case for this one. I don't have an exact timeline on when I'll be able to share the full makeover, but I promise I will do it when it's ready and I can get down there to shoot some photos. I'm thrilled with the progress we've made so far! :)


Headboards: Modway Region from Walmart
Headboard fabric: Premier Prints Sherpa Ikat Coastal
Lumbar pillows: Motion52 (fabric is Premier Prints Scribble Coral)
Lamps: HomeGoods
Bedside Table: already owned
White Quilt and Sham: Marshalls
Mirror: already owned

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  1. love those headboards- such a fun yet soothing space!

  2. The room looks so pretty and fresh! And bright! So glad you got to enjoy some time with family.

  3. So pretty! The headboards are beautiful - love that fabric!

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