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Wallpaper is BACK in a big way, my friends. Have you noticed it popping up in design mags and all over Pinterest? I'll admit it took me awhile to warm up to the idea...I am a child of the 80s and 90s after all, and there was a lot of awful, terrible wallpaper happening during those years. Bad wallpaper designs are certainly still out there, but with this explosion of popularity in the past couple of years, there are some truly stunning ones that deserve some attention. Personally, I'll have to wait until we're homeowners to add something permanent like this to the walls (or ceilings!), but I'm loving looking at some beautiful examples of rooms where wallpaper has been done well. One day I'll be able to take the plunge! Wallpaper is not always the appropriate choice, but in certain circumstances it can add the perfect amount of uniqueness and beauty to a space.

I've got three favorite places to use wallpaper to share with you, plus a few great sources of pretty wallpaper at the end if you're in the market yourself, or just want to take notes for the future!

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Example 1: Powder Rooms

Powder rooms are one of my favorite places to go bold. It seems counterintuitive to put lots of pattern in such a small space, but it has a huge impact and is a great way to make a statement if you're not terribly comfortable committing to wallpapering a larger space.

{Domaine Home}

{Lilly Bunn Interiors}
{The Lettered Cottage}

Example 2: Ceilings

Not quite ready to commit to the walls? How about ceilings? Drawing the eye up to the ceiling and making it the focal point is a fun, often unexpected way to turn that "fifth wall" into something awesome. It can work in so many rooms.

{My Design Dump}

{Home Adore}

{At Home Arkansas}

Example 3: Accent Walls

Accent walls have gotten a bad rap over the past few years and I do think that there was a period  when some designers/home owners thought every. room. had to have one and it was overdone, but as I said in the intro to this post, there are definitely situations where wallpaper can highlight a part of a room perfectly. It can serve as a way to draw your eye to the area where you want people to focus.

Laundry rooms are a perfect example:

{Young House Love}

{View Along The Way}

And how about closets? No one may see the inside of this space except you, see what a difference it can make?

{View Along The Way}
And finally, an entryway can be a great place to add a focal wall - especially if yours isn't well-defined on its own.

{House Beautiful}

As I've been exploring and oogling over all these gorgeously wallpapered rooms, I've come across a few sources for it over and over again - these sites will be my first stops if I ever decide to wallpaper a space!

So where do you stand on the idea of using wallpaper? Yay, nay? Thoughts?

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