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Happy weekend, y'all! I can't tell you how excited I am that it's Memorial Day weekend - yahoo for Monday off! The weather is supposed to be beautiful down here at the river house, so I plan to take advantage of it and spend most of my time outside. I've got a few projects in mind...we'll see how many of those get done :).

Before you run off to wherever you're headed for the long weekend, here are a few good finds from around the web for your reading pleasure...

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1 | I can SO relate to Emily Henderson in her post about "12 Annoying Things I Ignore Every Day" in her house. I love her transparency - even though she's an incredible designer, her house still has those little annoyances we all have in our own homes.

{Emily Henderson}
2 | These little air-dry clay place card holders are the cutest!

3 | I want to try this method for making super-easy ice cream sandwiches.

4 | I came across this new line of beautifully hand-lettered empathy cards by Emily McDowell Studio and love their cheeky sincerity. Traditional empathy cards aren't really my style, but these? Yes.

{Emily McDowell Studio}
5 | Ok, I'm totally digging this tiny apartment's ability to transform into five different spaces. They architects and designers did an incredible job maximizing space and customizing pieces to make it both efficient and beautiful.

6 | If you're in the market for a little housewarming, birthday, whatever gift, I'm officially obsessed with this Voluspa candle (*affiliate link). I'm on my second one and I want to burn it all day e'ry day.

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