March 2015 iPhone + Desktop Wallpapers {Pinwheels}

Happy Monday, y'all! Did you have good weekends? We're entering the last week of February, which means March is right around the corner, which also means that we're inching closer and closer to spring! I can't wait to see the temperatures start to rise - hopefully sooner rather than later.

Since February's almost over, it's time for new desktop and iPhone wallpapers! This month's modern geometric pattern was inspired by the simple pinwheel (that colorful little toy that for some reason reminds me of spring). I've had enough of winter's grays - I'm ready for some color in my life!

In case you're curious, the word "March" was hand-lettered by me using my new Wacom Tablet. I'll have to tell y'all more about that handy tool sometime. It's awesome for drawing and hand-lettering in Illustrator.

Once again, I've made versions for both iPhone (or any smart phone...it's just an image file) and desktop, and you can choose to download the wallpaper with or without the calendar. The blank ones can obviously be used throughout the year :).

Here's the iPhone version:

And the desktop version:

Download this month's wallpapers for your iPhone and desktop here:

In case you want to Pin it for later...

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  1. These are great! Just wondering where the last few days in March went though?

  2. Good catch! They must have gotten cropped when I was sizing them for the previews. The links all have the correct dates and everything now. I appreciate you letting me know (and for the kind feedback)!! :)

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