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Happy Monday, y'all! Did you have good weekends? Ours was full, but full in the good kind of way with lots of good things...dinners with friends, a baby shower and a fun Super Bowl party to name a few. You know what wasn't so awesome about this weekend? The weather here in Philly. It's been cold and we've had several snow threats so far this season (none have amounted to much of anything so far...but there's still plenty of time for a major storm of two!). 

We knew when we moved to Philly this summer that we'd be doing a lot more walking than we had been in DC since we're living pretty much in the heart of the city and most things we need and do are within walking distance. Driving a mile around here is actually more of a pain than walking - parking is challenging and/or expensive, the streets are narrow and you pretty much stop at every intersection with a red light or stop sign. All this walking means dressing for the elements, especially in the winter. When you live in a place where you drive everywhere, it's no big deal to go from place to place wearing no more than a fleece when it's 25 degrees outside since you're probably only outside for a minute or two. When you're walking though? You better be bundled up appropriately or you'll be in trouble! Can I get an amen from other city-dwellers out there?

This got me thinking about what items have become my winter wardrobe staples since I moved to a walking city, and I thought it would be fun to share them with y'all. These pieces have become my winter survival gear and I don't think I'd make it through the season without them!

I'd love for you to add to this list if you've got some favorites of your own!

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EOS Sweet Mint Lip Balm* - This stuff if addictive. It keeps my lips from getting chapped in the wind and cold and leaves a nice tingly mint feeling after application.

Uniqlo Down Coat (on sale!) - I discovered Uniqlo this fall when they opened a location here in Philly and I've found it to be a fabulous resource for affordable, basic clothing. I've pretty much worn this down coat every day since December 1st. The longer length has been the key - it's amazing how much a difference it makes in keeping me warm! I also love the Heattech collection from Uniqlo if you're in the market for an extra layer of warmth that isn't bulky.

UGG Elsa Waterproof Boot* - By far, these are MY FAVORITE BOOTS EVER. Worth every penny. They're shearling-insulated, waterproof and cute to boot (pun totally intended). My feet are always cold, and I wanted boots that didn't look like snow boots so I could wear them with my normal outfits, but I also needed them to perform as well as snow boots. These fit the bill perfectly. I can wear them with my regular clothes and not look like I'm headed to the ski slopes. Do you know what I mean?

Pom Pom Beanie - Tons of heat escapes from your head, so a hat is a must. Enough said :). My personal favorite is a simple pom pom beanie like the one above.

Faribault for Target Wool Scarf (on sale!) - Another small item that makes a big difference is a scarf. It seals that gap at the top of your jacket and you can also pull it up over your face if it's especially cold or windy. I live in scarves. Plus, it's a great accessory to an outfit.

Smartphone Touch-Enabled Gloves (on sale!) - You know what's more annoying than anything in the winter? Not being able to operate a touch screen while wearing gloves. The last thing I want to do when I'm freezing, but I need to answer a phone call or look something up (or check Instagram, let's be honest), is to have to take my glove off. Avoid the frostbite, my friends!

I could go on an on about these pieces. Seriously. Also, did you notice that many of these items are on sale? Even though it's most definitely still winter out there, stores are starting to clear out their inventories and make room for their spring lines, so if you need to fill out your collection of winter gear, now's the time!

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  1. Those boots are amazing.. if only we had the type of winter to validate spending that much on snow boots! But I may not even get out my snow boots once this winter :(

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