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Happy Friday, everyone! I hope you've had good weeks. This week has been pretty slow for me - mostly in good ways thankfully. I'm trying to enjoy the coziness of winter even though cold weather and the early arrival of darkness each evening aren't exactly my favorite things. Lots of slow-paced indoor time means lots of blog perusing time (maybe too much?!), so I've got some good links to share with y'all this week. Enjoy!

1 | Emily Henderson has done it again with her quirky style - this time transforming Joy Cho's (you might recognize her from Oh Joy! or her recent Target collabs) office into a nursery-slash-office. The only thing I'm not too sure about are the curtains. I love the fabric, and I understand why she had to make them short, but I'm still not sure I love the high-water look.

2 | This is a great round-up of free Valentine's Day printables.

3 | We have a teensy living room, so this shotgun house living room makeover really struck a chord with me. So many good design tips here! Some of the style is a little too funky for me, but I've gotta admit, it's really fun!

4 | Have y'all heard about Dish's new service called SlingTV? It's almost a la carte TV, and I'm PUMPED about the potential of getting rid of regular cable and switching to that. If this sounds like an interesting concept to you too, check out this post from Our Freaking Budget that explains all kinds of options for getting rid of cable, including the new SlingTV option.

5 | YES. This is a great way to organize all those little rolls of washi tape. Fo free. (Yes, that was an intentional "fo".)

6 | Awesome IKEA hack alert! Lack tables are super cheap, but their short stature leaves something to be desired for most uses, so why not put two together to make it the right height? That's what Designing By Numbers did, and it's fantastic.

There you have it, folks! Hope y'all have a great weekend!

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  1. I thought Joy's nursery was really fun when I saw it earlier this week, as well -- but, like you, I can't decide how I feel about the curtain length!! Glad it's not just me :) Enjoyed your links this week!

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