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Happy almost weekend! Exciting things are happening on the blog next week...I'm joining 11 other bloggers for a pretty awesome series - 12 Days of Handmade Christmas Ornaments! Yes, it's November, but it's never too early to get started, right? This way, if y'all are feeling inspired you'll have plenty of time to make some yourselves. A big thanks goes out to Linda from It All Started With Paint for spearheading this. I can't wait to get started next Wednesday, November 12th.

Also, did you have a chance to check out my free holiday planner from earlier this week? You can download it here.

Now onto our regularly scheduled programming: Lovely Links! Hope y'all find some inspiration here today!

*As usual, if you like something you see here, please pin from the original source. The link is always right below the photo or in the caption. Give these sites some love! :)

1 | Have y'all heard about the One Room Challenge? Linda from Calling It Home puts on this challenge for a bunch of bloggers a few times a year and the goal is to pull off a whole room makeover in 6 weeks. I've been following along with a few of the makeovers and they're super impressive! A few of my favorite ones are from Burlap and Lace, Waiting on Martha and Maddie G. Designs.

2 | Emily makes a Thankful Tree every year and she has the cutest tags for hers this year. You can download them here.

3 | This mint desk is gorgeous.

4 | Wouldn't these little wood slice place cards be adorable on a Thanksgiving table?

5 | This is a great photography trick for DIYs or product photos (from the Little House Blog).

6 | I'm planning to make something very similar to this one to display our Christmas cards this year.

Happy weekend everyone!

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