Thinking About: Painting the First Floor White

Sometimes I like to use this blog as a place to brainstorm ideas since y'all are so great at helping me out! And today I want to talk paint. Specifically white paint. I'm really itching to paint the first floor of our little house white (or maybe a very pale gray) to make it as bright and fresh as possible. It doesn't get a ton of natural light, so I think painting it white will help. Now all I have to do is pick the right color. Not too hard, right? Riiight. Too bad there are so many different whites to choose from! Thankfully many others have walked this road before me and have done a lot of the legwork, and so I thought I'd share a few of my favorites that I've found around the design world. I'm crossing my fingers that one of these would work for our little place!

If you have any wisdom regarding choosing a white paint color, I'm all ears!

Simply White by Benjamin Moore

Shoji White by Sherwin Williams

White Dove by Benjamin Moore

China White by Benjamin Moore

Ivory White by Benjamin Moore

Whimborne White by Farrow and Ball

Of course, paint colors can look dramatically different in different homes, so I'll have to bring home a few sample pots and see which ones look right in our house. We've got a lot of warm-toned wood and our kitchen cabinets are cherry, so the white we choose needs to make nice with those wood tones :). It'll probably be awhile before this whole painting thing happens, but I figure I'd better get rollin' (pun totally intended) on figuring out what that color will be once the time comes!

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  1. Oooh, LOVE white! Our apartment was mostly white when we moved in, and it's so refreshing! If you have lots of warm tones, my bet is on White Dove by Benjamin Moore. It's my go-to! :)

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