11+ Creative Uses For 3M Command Strips

I hope y'all had fantastic Labor Day weekends. Can you believe it's already September?! (Pssst - Don't forget to download the September iPhone calendar here!I decided to savor every last bit of my day off, so there was no post ready to go up yesterday - oops - but I'm here today and I've got a good one for you!

To me, September signals the transition from summer to fall. The change in season, plus the whole "back to school" thing that's happening right now gives me an itch to get organized and get our house in order. A fresh start, if you will. Anyone else feel that way? And you know what one little thing can be super helpful in getting organized? 3M Command Strips*. They can be used in all sorts of ways all over the house and can be especially handy in rentals and dorm rooms since they won't damage your walls or other surfaces. I love these little guys and a whole bunch of 'em just arrived on my doorstep last week - can't wait to put them to good use!

Did you know they can be used for a lot more than hanging a picture on a wall? Today I've rounded up 11+ creative uses for Command Strips that will hopefully inspire you to get organized or use these in new ways around the house.

Install a cork board:

Make a cool custom cork board like Belinda did and attach it to the wall with picture hanging strips.

Attach clothespins to the inside of cabinet doors:

Cut Command Strips* in half to fit the backside of the clothespins and then stick them to the doors. No hole-drilling necessary in those lovely doors this way!

Hang window treatments:

Each of these window treatments is either lightweight or non-functional (in other words - just for looks!), so thiss is a great alternative to using a curtain rod or permanently installing them in another way. Each of the examples above used a different method, so make sure to click through the link to see how it was done.

Also... if you're attaching the velcro command strips to fabric, they won't stick very well. Use a staple gun to attach it securely.

Hang a gallery wall:

Gallery walls are fantastic - especially when they make a big statement like this one does! The not-so-awesome part? Putting a bunch of holes in your walls - especially for renters. Whomp whomp. If you own or your landlord is ok with small nail holes I'd say go for the real thing, but I'm definitely planning to use the picture hanging strips in a gallery wall for our home (this is especially true for us since our walls are plaster).

Attach chair cushions to wood seats:

Need cushions to make those wooden dining chairs more comfortable, but don't love the look of ties? No problem, just try this trick for attaching them to your seats! And remember, they'll come off cleanly if you ever want to go back to the original wood seat instead.

Keep cords tidy:

Keep cords from getting tangled and keep power strips out of view with these two awesome ideas that use Command Strips. I hate having stray cords and power strips hanging around, so being able to hide them is a big plus :). I'm planning to use tip numero dos and attach a power strip to the underside of my desk top for all the cords that go with the necessary electronics.

Combine hooks with dowels to keep anything on a spool organized:

Isn't this awesome? It would work well for ribbon or wrapping paper as well.

Attach a knife block to a tile backsplash:

As the photo's caption says - this is a perfect renter's solution! It's also a great idea for those who own, but aren't eager to drill into their beautiful tile backsplash.

Attach a headboard to the wall:

Courtney made these faux leather panels and attached them to the wall with Command Strips as a headboard. The key to making this work is to use lightweight panels and attach them individually. Don't attempt this with something heavy!

And one last tip from me...

Organize dog supplies with hooks:

You could obviously put anything in these little buckets - not just dog supplies. I found it so handy to hang them with Command Hooks* rather than nails since I hung these on the side of a piece of furniture. They're still going strong after almost a year of use!

Feeling inspired to grab a bunch of these little guys yet? There are SO many other uses as well! Have you found any creative ways to use them around your house?

P.S. This is not a sponsored, paid, or perk'd post. I just happen to love 3M Command Strips and have used them everywhere I've lived for nearly a decade. I love sharing tips like these with readers - I hope you enjoyed it! *Indicates an affiliate link, which means I make a small commission if you purchase from my link. There's no cost to you, don't worry. :) Thanks for supporting this blog!

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  1. Love some of these ideas and I actually have 2 window valances hung with them. They've been hanging strong for 2 years now! Although after looking at the tutorial on No. 29 designs - I'm thinking that I might be making some new ones. Mine are made from just styrofoam and fabric, but I really like the idea of using the foam core. I've been toying with the idea of changing out the fabric on my valances and this just might be the nudge I needed to get it started! They'll be quite a bit lighter and much easier to hang with some Command strips!

    1. Nice! Glad to know the valances are still going strong after all that time. Glad you got some new ideas from the post too :).

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