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Happy happy Friday! It's been a full week over here in this house, and I'm excited to relax a little bit and take on a project or two over the next couple of days. Just like every week, I'm here to share some Lovely Links - a few of my favorite pretty things, DIYs, tutorials, etc. to share with you before I head out for the weekend.

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1 | I love how Cassie organized her coffee station in her kitchen. It doesn't look cluttered - even with a whole bunch of pods to deal with - which isn't easy to do!

2 | S'mores popcorn. Brilliant.

3 | I love when people find new uses for old things, so you can imagine how much I love the transformation of these little baby food jars into cute containers!

4 | Has anyone used Niice? It's a new tool for making inspiration boards (moodboards). I haven't played with it much yet, but I think I like the idea. (It's free to try out and make up to 5 boards, but after that it's a monthly subscription service...)

5 | This post, called "Letting Your Messy Hang Out" spoke to me this week - especially in the midst of the craziness that comes with moving to a new place.

6 | I found out that one of my favorite wallpaper patterns now comes in a removable version. Game changer. Renters rejoice!

7 | In my giant to do list for this house, I shared that I want to add some open shelving to my office. I like the idea of gold brackets with white shelves like this photo below. A little glam, a little modern. What do you think?

8 | Annnd one more inspirational photo to round out today's links...This simple round mirror looks like a perfect fit to go above our headboard. Or maybe above the dresser? Too early to decide :).

That's all, y'all! Have a great weekend!

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  1. LOVE Hygge and West's removable options- great for us renters! :)

  2. Awesome links as always Chaney! Thanks for sharing my upcycled baby food jars!

  3. Thanks so much for including my coffee station!!! Dare I say it still looks like that, too!!?? ;) xo


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