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It's moving day over here! Even though life is the crazy right now, I couldn't resist sharing a few of my favorite finds and projects with y'all. Hope you enjoy them!

1 |  I'm loving how Jenna Sue used fancy molding to take a plain jane IKEA mirror to vintage-y awesome. It looks like a pretty simple project and makes the mirror look way more expensive than it was!

2 | Kelly always cracks me up with her posts, and this post on styling bookshelves using ACTUAL books (rather than just pretty things...books do belong on bookshelves after all) is hilarious and super helpful.

3 | Call me crazy, but I have a hard time justifying paying $199 for a floor pouf - especially one that I could probably make myself. I fell in love with the look of this one from West Elm this week (thanks to The Hunted Interior for pointing it out!) and I may try my hand at making a similar one soon!

4 | This is one beautiful home. It looks so inviting and I'm definitely taking notes on the design and decor for our home.

5 | Small home design is always on the brain these days and I love the idea of using a piece of furniture with good storage under a TV. A dresser like this fabulous coral-orange one? Looks good to me! P.S. here are some other ideas for making spaces work harder in a small home!

6 | I'm thinking I might want to take on this DIY hammock project. Now where to put it is the question...

7 | I came across Emily Jeffords's art this week on domino and immediately fell for her modern impressionist works. Aren't the pretty? You can buy prints of the originals on Minted.

8 | This is a cool technique for creating a Batik dye tapestry.

Happy weekend, y'all! Hopefully we'll get settled into our new Philadelphia home this weekend and be back to share some updates next week!

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