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It's Friday, yay! I've got some lovely links for y'all as usual this week. I've been really inspired by the things I've found, and I hope you are too!

*Please remember to pin from the original source.

1 | Thanks to Honey & Fitz for sharing a super cool source for NEW custom campaign furniture. That style has been so "in" recently, so it's cool to see that you don't have to scour craigslist for a vintage one to makeover since they'll make one to your specs. Though the pieces aren't cheap, they're beautiful (and new!).

2 | Love this 900 square foot home tour that Cassie featured this week. It's giving me so many ideas for our future place in Philly, which I'm thinking might be about that size? For more photos, head to Go Haus Go.

3 | Fun, gorgeous carnation chair decor from The Proper Pinwheel.

4 | These sugar scrubs look awesome, but what I really love are the labels!

5 | This is such a gorgeous (sorta) DIY chandelier from Emily A. Clark.

6 | Speaking of light fixtures, would you believe this lamp is a DIY?

7 | I'd really like to make one of these this summer!

8 | This simple foyer is so pretty and functional.

Have a great weekend y'all!

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  1. Thank you for the mention Chaney!! Great roundup of inspirational posts and ideas!

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