Spring Parade of Homes {The Highlights}

Did y'all enjoy the Spring Parade of Homes that was hosted by Thrifty and Chic last week? I had fun putting my own home tour together, but I really loved seeing the homes of the 13 other bloggers who were participating. So I thought I'd put together a little "highlight reel" of two my favorite shots from each of these ladies' tours. Each one is so different! If you like what you see (or if you missed any of these last week), please head over to the full tour to see more.

Thrifty and Chic

I love Alicia's light and bright style. It almost feels like you're walking onto a cloud in her home.

Lovely Etc.

Carrie has a great eye for where to add doses of color to her home. I mean, just look at that fun plank wall!

Making Home Base

Chelsea has done an amazing job taking her military base housing from basic to beautiful. You would have no idea her home is "standard issue" when you look through the photos.

The Happy Housie

Krista's home has a "come on in and make yourself at home!" attitude. It doesn't take itself too seriously and is pulled together so well.

House By Hoff

I love April's shabby chic style that mixes old and new. She's got a thing for repurposing old windows and doors, which is really fun!

The Blissful Bee

Amy's definitely got a great gift when it comes to styling vignettes. Her home tour is full of pretty little spring moments.

Bigger Than the Three of Us

I think Ashley and I have pretty similar styles when it comes to home decor, but she's got a little more of a mid-century vibe (which must say I love!).

Cuckoo 4 Design

If you're in the mood for vibrant color and eclectic mixes of pattern, Julia's your girl. I love her adventurous tastes!

Just A Girl and Her Blog

Abby outdid herself with her spring decor! It all looks so fresh and inviting right alongside her already beautifully decorated home.

Rain On A Tin Roof

Like Julia, Jenna's not one to shy away from color and pattern in her home. In fact, she's totally comfortable being bold with both in the same room! You go girl.

An Inviting Home

Sarah's home is just like the name of her blog implies - it's inviting. It makes you immediately comfortable, which isn't easy to do!

Primitive and Proper

Cassie isn't afraid to take a chance or two when it comes to decorating her home. Whether it's painting her fireplace bricks black or being bold with bright color in her kids' rooms, she got a great eye for design!

Place of My Taste

Lastly, Aniko's home is like a breath of fresh air. It's light, airy and easy-going - three of my favorite qualities for homes!

I hope y'all enjoyed the Spring Parade of Homes. It sure was a fun thing to be a part of for me - it marks the close of the chapter of our lives in DC. Off to the next adventure in Philadelphia this summer!

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