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It's Friday, and that means it's time for some lovely links from around the web! I've got a good set for you this week (at least I'd like to think so!). I'm off to spend time with my family celebrating Easter this weekend. What are y'all up to? I hope that you have a great one wherever you might be!

1 | I love a good DIY light fixture (as evidenced by this one I made awhile back!), and Carrie's is so creative and so easy to make! It took about two steps to make this pretty thang - check out the details on her blog.

2 | Call me crazy, but I think boxed brownies are, nine times out of ten, better than homemade. I even asked the lady who made our brownie wedding cake to make it taste like it came from a box...which I think was an insult to a professional baker, but she took it in stride (and made the best brownie cake ever). I came across a recipe this week from someone who also swears by boxed brownies and she said these were better than the box, so I'm thinking I'll have to try them. Whew, that was a long explanation for a link to a brownie recipe!

3 | This purdy flamingo print is a freebie from Sarah M. Dorsey Designs this week. Go grab one!

4 | Curious about Roman shades, how they work, and they're so dang expensive for custom ones? Read all about them here.

5 | I've fallen for another tile kitchen backsplash this week - a neutral white-on-white one this time. Oh how I long for the day when I'll be able to have one in a kitchen of my own!

6 | This desk alcove turned out so well and what a great use of a small space!

7 | Pretty bathroom makeover alert! I love the nautical, fresh feel of this one from Southern Revivals.

8 | I've never been able to make a good queso dip at home that tastes like my favorite Mexican restaurant's version, but this one looks like it might be a winner! Queso is my weakness...and so are margaritas...

Have a great weekend, y'all!

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  1. Thanks so much for the shout out! And I love Sarah's flamingo this week too I think it's perfect for my kitchen ;) Happy Easter

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