Using Green in Interior Spaces {Happy St. Patty's Day!}

Happy St. Patrick's Day! This funny little holiday has always had a special place in my heart because growing up, it was my family's dog's birthday. She was a Standard Schnauzer named Clover. I mean, how could we not name her something related to St. Patrick's Day? Every year I remember on March 17th I smile when I remember it being her birthday :).

The timing of this holiday also coincides perfectly with the season change from winter to spring, since its theme color is green and green is such a springy color! In looking around our home this weekend, I realized that I have touches of green all over the place - the lamps in our living room, the green pieces of furniture I inherited from my grandparents, and the big map of Martha's Vineyard I have hanging on the wall - it's definitely a color I enjoy integrating into our home.

So in honor of St. Patrick's Day, I thought I'd round up a few pretty interior spaces that use all shades of green to get us pumped up for spring decorating! I'm typically drawn to light, bright and airy spaces with touches of color, so that's pretty much what you'll see here in this round up.

I love the idea of using green on kitchen cabinets or open shelving:

Keeping a room neutral overall and adding a fun pop of green on your furniture as a focal point can be lovely - take this crib for example:

This mossy green piece adds a moody touch to this space:

Or, perhaps having a large green piece of furniture ain't your thang. Maybe you're more into smaller touches. A mint barn light?

Or a set of green dishes or serving pieces in glass-fronted cabinets?

Pretty wallpaper or a minty foot stool?

These vintage barstools are pretty super in my book.

Lastly, maybe you're not so sure about adding green to your home on furniture or accessories. How about bringing some of the most natural (but non-permanent!) form of green in - plants! Having something living in your home warms up a space and really makes it inviting. Take a look at these two spaces - see how much a few plants adds to the look and feel of the rooms?

I had a lot of fun pulling images for this green round-up. Are you big on green in your home or not so much? Do you have any favorite shades? I think mine are definitely on the lighter side - sage, mint, etc.

Happy St. Patty's Day, y'all! May the luck of the Irish be with you :).

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