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Whoop whoop! It's Friday y'all! We're headed down to our old stomping grounds of Richmond, VA to run our favorite 10K (it's our 6th year in a row running it!) and see friends. I am not a lover of running, but I do love the benefits of running including that sense of accomplishment after a good run. Plus, I feel better about eating a big bowl of ice cream after dinner ;). Training for races like this 10K keeps me motivated to run even on seemingly endless cold winter days. Anyone else feel this way about running? Exercise in general?

What does that have to do with this week's lovely links? Oh nothing, just decided to ramble a bit about what's happening in our lives this weekend... Now let's get to the good stuff: my favorite finds from around the web this week!

1 | Do y'all follow Kelly from View Along the Way? Her new girly closet is ah-mazing.

2 | This is a great list of tips for making a smaller home work hard for your needs.

3 | How cools is this chalkboard? Fancy schmancy with its gold frame :). Love the mix of rustic and refined.

4 | I'm totally fascinated by this 665 square foot cabin that a family of five lives in. Happily. That's just just about the size of our current apartment - our itty bitty city apartment as I like to call it. Reading about this cabin makes me reassess my "need" for more...

5 | I've randomly come across air plants twice this week, and now I'm sort of fascinated by them. Do any of you have any experience with them? Are they as low maintenance as they look?

6 | I love this a home that does white well. And this one's pretty stunning.

7 | Catalogs from my favorite big box stores can be some of the greatest sources for decorating inspiration. I loved flipping through the latest West Elm one. Did you know you can look at it online? I didn't - until yesterday!

8 | And to wrap things up with something silly, here are 20 fun facts about hedgehogs. Call me crazy, but I think these little things are freaking adorable. The last few facts on this list had me cracking up.

Have a great weekend, y'all!

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