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Hello there, friends! I'm really looking forward to this weekend because it looks like we might finally get some good weather this weekend. Is that happening where you live too?

And oh boy, do I have a great roundup of favorite links this week. I'd like to think there's something for everyone this week. Hope you enjoy 'em!

1 |  Oh how I love a pretty nursery! I can't wait to design one one day, but for now, I'm just taking notes :). Katie Bower has baby boy #3 due in less than a week, so I don't know how she managed to pull off finishing #2's nursery this week, but it's adorable.

2 | Have y'all seen the latest Cadillac commercial? I find myself torn between loving it because it's ridiculous and describes American workoholism so humorously, but hating it at the same time because what they're saying is true. Our Freaking Budget describes my feelings about the commercial perfectly in their post this week (you can see the commercial over there too).

3 | Ever wanted to turn your hand-drawn art into digital art? Jones Design Company has a great tutorial and a super cute freebie print!

4 | The Nester always impresses me, and this week she talked about turning a hopeless room into something beautiful without getting overwhelmed or going bankrupt. Read it. You'll be encouraged if you're stuck in a decorating funk.

5 | Well shoot. After seeing Sherry's adorable hand-stitched quilt she made for her soon-to-be-born baby boy, I want to make one of these myself. New baby gift idea?

6 | Yum! How good does this skinny parmesan spinach dip look? And yes, I did say skinny!

7 | Ok, one more nursery (promise I don't have any news to share! ;) ). I love the globes that Carrie added to her little man's room. They're the perfect addition to that corner.

8 | How stinkin' cute is this paper mache alphabet art? I think it would be cute hanging in a playroom or kid's room.

That's it folks! Hope y'all have wonderful and relaxing weekends!

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  1. I always love your links Chaney. Thanks for including my nursery globes!


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